A Weekend in Winchester

My main birthday present from Josh was our trip to Winchester last weekend. It was absolutely LUSH.

IMG_1537.JPG  IMG_1512.JPG

He booked this gorgeous Air BNB. It was basically just this cosy little bunker in this couples’ front garden. Had everything we needed – a double bed, a bathroom and a kettle.

Later that day we took a lush 45 minute stroll over to Bombay Sapphire Distillery. It was the most beautiful distillery in the world.

IMG_1495.JPG  IMG_1496.JPG

They had this room where you smelt a bunch of different fragrances, hole punched your favourites on a card, and at the end of the tour they’d make you a cocktail based on your choices. And the cocktails were amazing.

IMG_1506.JPG  IMG_1512.JPG

Later on that evening we went to Brasserie Blanc. I’m a vegetarian, but decided to be a pesky for the evening and had a lush fish dish. Not as delicious at the cheese soufflé I had, however. Oh my god. So good.

IMG_1538.JPG  IMG_1661.JPG  IMG_1662.JPG

We had a total babe of a waiter as well. He got one of the chefs to write ‘Happy Birthday’ on a plate, as well as giving me a free glass of champagne. Birthday’s are fab.

IMG_1537.JPG  IMG_1665.JPG

We didn’t drink mad amounts, because I was driving which was the only downside- it would have been nice to have had a few more drinks.

The next day, hangover free, we went to Piecaramba! This is an amazing pie restaurant, where all the pies are hilariously named (such as The Pieoneer and Alpiechino). Josh was in geeky heaven, honestly. There were a bunch of Star Wars memorabilia, and Doctor Who Top Trump cards. There was also an old-school games console, with Super Mario Bros on it.

IMG_1663.JPG  IMG_1664.JPG

Fab weekend. 10/10. Would do again.

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