21 Things I’ve Achieved at 21.

I recently turned 22, and was thinking back on my year as 21. I achieved an insane amount. I know this post is a bit ‘hey look at me, I’m great!’, but I don’t allow myself to do this much, so gimme a break 😉 ✨


1. Graduated with a 2:1 in Primary Education with Art.

2. The confidence to quit teaching, because I was unhappy.

3. The confidence to quit my first full-time role post-uni, because I was unhappy.

4. My dream job-role at an awesome company (my current job).

5. A pay-rise at my current, awesome job.

6. I wrote, and got a 2:1 in my university dissertation.

7. I took up running.

8. I started writing this blog.

9. A first in my final Art Exhibition at Uni. (Pic of my fab family who came to see it).

10. The courage to start therapy.

11. I passed my driving test.

12. Stayed a vegetarian for 6 months (still going!)

13. I bought my first car.

14. I’ve made new friendships.

15. I’ve rekindled friendships.

16. Celebrated my 3-year anniversary with Josh.


17. Bought my first DSLR camera.

18. Learnt how to use a DSLR manually.


19. I’ve lost weight.

20. Completed my first 5k race.

21. I’ve booked my second 5k race.

It’s been a cracking year, and one I will definitely look back on fondly. Bring on being 22! Please give me a follow if you want to see more posts like this.

What are some of your achievements from the last year? ❤️

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