My 5k, and a question to runners.

In April, I decided I was unhappy with my weight, and I went for a run. Mind you, it was only a short run- A 2km which averaged 7 minutes per km. Shortly after my first run, I decided I would set myself a goal to be able to do 5km by the end of May. I signed myself up for a 5km run in Hyde Park, and trained 4-6 times a week.

IMG_1093.JPG  IMG_1079.JPG

The main thing that allowed me to stay engaged with running was MapMyRun. It allowed me to track my progress, and allowed me to feel slightly smug about my achievements. They were accomplishments that I could screenshot and send to my boyfriend!


About a week ago, I was so into my running and excited for my 5k Hyde Park run that I bought myself some £120 Brooks. Look at them, they’re so beautiful. And literally feel like I’m running on a cloud.

FullSizeRender-1.jpg  IMG_1091.JPG

The morning of my first run came, and I was so nervous. I hardly got any sleep, because I worried I would come last and everyone would laugh at me – a ridiculous thing to worry about. I got up the next morning, made sure I had a banana, some oatcakes and plenty of water prior to the run – and felt all set to go.

No-one was there with me for the beginning of the run. I was mulling around by myself, trying to work out how to attach my number to my top – a rookie to this entire situation. I also started overthinking the amount of people who were doing the 5k, and those who were doing the 10k. I worried people were secretly mocking me for doing a shorter run – which obviously no-one was.

Anyway, my anxieties subsided and the race began. I paced myself horrendously for the first kilometre. I ran it in 5 minutes 25, which is ridiculous for me. I ended up pacing myself a little better for the rest of the race, but found it a lot harder because I pushed myself so much in the first kilometre. I ended up completing my 5.3k in 32 minutes, averaging 6:08 minutes per km. I was so proud of this result, as it was a personal best for me. Also bloody impressive, as it was SO HOT. Note to self: buy running shorts.

I had my boyfriend waiting at the finish line for me too, which was very sweet.


I’m now looking to do a 10k in July. I know I need to make sure I pace myself effectively from the beginning, and also to buy a pair of shorts, but do any of you have tips for transitioning from a 5k runner to a 10k?


4 thoughts on “My 5k, and a question to runners.

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  2. To answer your Q, what I did was go out and run a load of “parkrun” events, got comfortable-ish at running 5k, then just threw in a handful of solo 7 or 8km runs (and not be worried about stopping to walk every now and then) once a week over a few weeks or so, and then entered a 10k and winged it….the extra distance is easy with the adrenalin of an actual race.

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      1. The way I look at it, you’re a runner who just hasn’t happened to have ran a 10k yet, rather than a “10k runner” being something that you “become” or transition to! However, I spent maybe 3 or 4 months running 5k parkruns pretty much every Saturday before I contemplated running further…just helps with learning how much you can push yourself and understanding some times you just need to cruise round and take it easy. Ive ran loads of 10ks and quite a few half marathons now, and I still reckon the time spent learning about my body and mind in those early 5ks was really beneficial. (And I still regularly run 5k, sometimes to push myself, sometimes to just chill out for 25mins followed by good coffee 😊)

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