I took a trip to London on my own, and it was LUSH.

I realised last week that I had only taken 1 day’s worth of holiday at my job since January 1st, and was feeling mentally poorly and in dire need of some self-care. 🌸☕️


I woke up at 9am, went for a run, went to the gym, grabbed a cuppa with a friend I hadn’t seen in years, then hopped on a train to Waterloo. I felt great by this point already, because not only had I achieved so much in such a short space of time, but I was wearing my new Jack Wills pink marplethorn flirty cami dress (coupled with a pair of high-top black converse because I’m #practical and #indieAF). 🤓

As soon as I got into London, I realised I had left the return ticket in the machine at my local train station- so I had the ticket to get into Waterloo, but lacked the ticket to come home again. I managed this by picking up the ‘outbound’ ticket and the receipt, counting that I had two tickets in total.

*Small rant*

I went to the information and ticket desk at Waterloo, as soon as I realised I lacked one half of my ticket. The response was basically ‘there’s nothing we can do’, even once I proved my purchase with my receipt. UK Trains are shit.

*To continue*

I then realised, I didn’t have an SD card in my camera, I had left my camera on all day so the battery was dead, and my phone was on about 12%. They may all sound like small, silly things, but I kid you not I was on the verge of a breakdown! 🙈

All was good though. I didn’t have a breakdown, I found a spare battery in my bag, I bought a new SD card in the Maplin sale (rip), and I found a plug socket in Cafe Nero to charge my phone.

I ended up going to The Tate Modern. This was always my plan. I have never been to a contemporary art museum on my own, and really liked the idea of going at my own pace and taking arty farty photographs. You get spoken to a lot when you’re in an Art Gallery on your own, apparently. Three people spoke to me. All of which were art snobs, and I felt my art-knowledge didn’t quite live up to their Tate-related-conversation needs. I managed to blag my way through conversation though, and even got a hug goodbye from one of the chaps. 🎨🖼

I then met up with Josh. We grabbed dinner at Giraffe where we had olives, a Turkish pizza and chips. I’d feel guilty, but I had done a total of 20,041 steps.

I was H-ANGRY. 😡🍕

Post-food, we went to UnderBelly for a beer or two, and to be quite honest, my memory stops there…

This was pretty much the ideal self-care day for me, and I felt so much more relaxed afterwards.

How do you self-care?



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