Autumn Wardrobe

Damp hair, don’t care.

We are well and truly in the midst of Autumn, thank god. Today, Josh and I took a walk down a disused railway track. Since Autumn has approached, countryside walks seem to have become more incorporated within our weekend plans.

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I am definitely the sort of person that’ll buy jumpers mid-summer, craving the opportune moment to wear them. This is why Autumn is the best. It is cold enough to layer your jumpers, but not cold enough to hide them with puffy coats and scarfs.

Both the jumpers I am wearing have become two Autumnal favourites of mine. I have recently made the transition from ‘quantity over quality’ to a ‘quality over quantity’ gal, and am loving my non-charity shop/Primark purchases. The oversized beige jumper is the ‘Deflected Rib Jumper‘ from Topshop (of course). This jumper is an absolute god-send. It’s something I will bring along to work with me; an easy thing to slip over any outfit when the office gets a tad breezy.

The second jumper is the ‘Grey High Neck Jumper‘ from New Look. I adore how this jumper looks with my black skinny Levis and chunky M&S belt. Super flattering, super cosy and easy pairing with my Old Skool Vans.


Josh is the new owner of an iPhone X, so all credit goes to him/his phone for these outstanding autumnal photographs.


Lots of love,

from Tilda xx

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